Loma Prieta Joint Union School District (LPJUSD) is fortunate enough to be in an enviable position of being under Local Control Funding Formula. This means that the district collects far more in taxes than the state funding threshold, and gets to keep all of it for the kids in the district. LPJUSD is well funded.

A combination of increased revenue by over 38% (from 2014-2022) and declining enrollment by as much as 22% (from 2014 to projected 2024), should enable the school district to spend more on each student without any additional taxes. (Source: Loma Prieta Joint Union School district Fiscal Accountability site)

The community rejected a parcel tax of $164 just two years ago. In the two years since, instead of tightening up management of finances, the Loma Prieta School District has returned with Measure M for an additional $348 in parcel tax, an increase of 112% from their previously rejected parcel tax. This is an outrageous contempt for the voice of the district voters.

As a community, we are already paying our share of property taxes and even additional parcel taxes to fund the school district. It is time for the district to manage our public school with the funds available and stop wasting tax payers’ hard earned money.

Please save the future generations, your neighbors, and our community from the burden of over taxation. Los Gatos – Vote No on M and demand fiscal responsibility from Loma Prieta Joint Union School district.

Voice your opinion, peacefully.