What is Measure M?

In November 2020, Los Gatos voters rejected a 7-year $164/year parcel tax, ‘Measure N’, proposed by the Loma Prieta Joint Union School District (LPJUSD) Board of Education.

Two years later the board is spending taxpayers’ money from the already constrained school budget in a futile attempt to revive a rejected parcel tax measure. Now they are upping the ante, proposing a $348/year on each parcel for… eight years!

School revenue is growing at a historic level due to increased tax collection from property taxes and existing parcel taxes. This is happening as student headcount has been decreasing year over year. LPJUSD has a management problem, not a funding problem.

Vote NO on Measure M by November 8th, 2022, to send a strong message that our Los Gatos school district needs to be fiscally responsible and prioritize student interests above all.

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